Issue 1: The Langauges of Food

Issue 1: The Langauges of Food

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Language, a way of communicating, is intrinsic to food in many ways – as is food to communication: the salutations from a farmer to their crop; the phrases to start or end a meal; harvest rituals to thank the gods for a bountiful season; the way food communicates with us when it’s ripe or gone bad; food as a language of love and a universal language. Although we couldn’t go to print with our first magazine in 2020, we're excited to share the different languages of food with you here.

Field Memories
by Appetite Press

Field Memories

We ask the three residents of Takigahara Farm in Ishikawa prefecture to reflect on images from several years ago. Their recollections show how thoughts and conversations, whether shared or personal, are inseparable from a landscape and even help to define it.

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